Pooley Bridge Paver


Congratulations – you are about to become part of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge history!  Just a few guidelines, terms and conditions before you purchase your paver…

  • Engravings can be a maximum of 13 characters including spaces and punctuation
  • We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate engravings
  • No logos or emojis
  • We cannot guarantee where your paver will be laid on the bridge
  • Once the new bridge is open, we’ll send you a commemorative certificate to display in pride of place in your home!
  • Pooley Bridge remains an asset of Cumbria County Council – you are purchasing the right to an engraving on one paver
  • We must sell a minimum number of pavers in order to proceed with the project. Should we fail to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your monies in full.


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