Make a Slouch Bag with Emma Redfern from Hole House Bags


Make a Slouch Bag with Emma Redfern from Hole House Bags

Emma has the attitude that ‘Anyone can produce something beautiful and useful given a little instruction and some inspiring fabric’. On this course you will learn how to make a bespoke and professional looking slouch bag, unique to you in your chosen fabric using a domestic sewing machine.

Make a Hand Stitched Leather Purse & Belt

Leather worker Ruth Pullan specialises in creating hand stitched bags and accessories using high quality British materials.
Join her for this workshop which will give you the basic skills needed for leatherwork.
Using these skills you will make a belt and a simple coin purse and by the end of the day you will have the confidence to apply these newly learnt techniques to your own projects.

Discovering Pen and Wash

This day will touch on colour mixing and using water-colours; it combines the subtle variable nature of the water-colour wash with finer detail picked out in black ink pen, allowing the artist different effects in shading and textures. The type of ink used – its water solubilty and also stippling intensity and textures employed – create a vast range of effects.

Making Felt Vessels Workshop

During this Felt Vessels day you will learn how to transform a piece of wet felt you have created into a rounded and seamless vessel

Wood Block Engraving 3 day workshop

Create beautiful black and white prints from your own wood carving designs, under the expert guidance of Peter Brown.

Wood Block Engraved Printing with Peter Brown

Create your own strong black and white image using a process that has a strong tradition in Britain.

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