Autumn arrives in Ullswater

Autumn arrives in Ullswater

Misty Autumn morning on Ullswater

Ullswater is renowned for its Autumnal displays across the Lake District, and we’re hoping 2017’s displays will match 2016’s sensational Autumn which started early September and lasted all the way to Christmas – mixing golden leaves with snow-capped fell tops and drifting mists.

The colour changes started early with the first dazzling touches of lime yellow, and we worried that the season would be short – needlessly – as Autumn proceeded to unfold into a leisurely lengthy and complex series of rich colour drifts and magical atmospheric effects. No two days were the same, to paraphrase, ‘Infinite variety’ was Ullswater’s Autumnal gift last year, and it continued to surprise and delight for months.

The scientific reason for the dazzling display was a wet Spring and sunny Summer, ideal for building up leaf sugars – which the trees reabsorb as the days shorten. Even the shock of sudden early snows, (fortunately picturesquely on the tops, not the roads), didn’t bring the season to an abrupt end. They created magical new combinations of mists and sunlight, producing extraordinarily dramatic effects of otherworldly beauty.

Our local landscape photographers love this time of year, the lake’s twists and bends with numerous valleys pouring down to its shores create boundless opportunities for dramatic compositions or intimate detail; the expanses of old temperate rainforest come into their own too as funghi pops and the young Red Squirrels look for new territories.

October sees the Martindale Red Deer stags fighting for dominance – the unearthly roar of their challenges echoes across the eastern fells.

If you want to experience the unspoilt Lake District in all its splendour, Ullswater is the place to be in Autumn.

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